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Beat the back-to-work blues

You’ve had a great summer enjoying some time off over the festive season and now you’re getting ready to get back to work. While it's great to catch up with your colleagues, of course, sometimes your return can feel like a rude awakening.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to beat the back-to-work blues. Here are a few tips to help you get through the first couple of weeks of the new year:

1. Keep your expectations realistic

Don't expect too much of yourself on your first few days back. Work your way through your emails and attend to smaller tasks to ease yourself back in. Set small, achievable goals so that you feel a sense of accomplishment. You may not believe it now, but this will pave the way towards you feeling more motivated to tackle the bigger tasks soon.

2. Be prepared

You’re gonna need a game plan for your first few days back. Iron your shirt, prepare your lunch, sharpen your pencils and get a good night’s sleep. Having everything in order will save you from unnecessary stress.

3. Create new habits

Take advantage of the break you've had in your routine to create new and healthier office habits this year. If you always ate lunch at your desk make a point of taking your lunch break elsewhere. Sit out in the sun or make use of your communal office space. Why not invite your colleagues to join you? They may be looking for a reason to ditch eating at their desks too.

4. Get outside

Studies show venturing outdoors on your lunch break can do wonders for your mood, productivity and general wellbeing. It’s the perfect way to maintain your summer tan and increase your vitamin D intake. All the more reason to enjoy that sweet fresh air, we say!

5. Prioritise your health

Wellbeing rules all. It relates to your happiness, stress levels, confidence, energy levels, motivation, concentration and more. Talk to your workmates, get outside, drink heaps of water and get plenty of sleep.

6. Plan your next holiday

Book in your next break or plan something nice for your first weekend off. It could be something as simple as going to a movie with a friend or trying a new restaurant.

7. Reassess

If you’re still not feeling great, maybe it’s time to reconsider things. Ask yourself if you’re truly happy in your job. Are you being challenged and do you believe in the work you do? Asking yourself some of these questions will help you to plan for the year ahead!

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