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Making it okay to ask for help in the workplace

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Having a safe space where your employees feel comfortable to share their thoughts and troubles is important for both you and your workplace. It helps your employees to feel both safe and empowered, something all Kiwi businesses should aspire to.

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Removing the stigma, changing the narrative

One conversation that needs to be brought to light is around money. Money can often be a taboo subject to talk about leading to about 20 hours lost per employee per month sorting personal finance worries. Creating a safe space for conversation at your workplace can help to remove this stigma. When it comes to financial wellbeing, it’s important for your staff to know they’re not alone and there are others out there that may have similar or the same problems.

Encouraging people to get the help they need

Whatever the money question — there’s someone to help. Managing money can be challenging, and not all of us have the time to sort out the more complicated details. We heard from employers how they lack the expertise and/or resources to properly help their staff. That’s when it’s time to call in the experts and get some help.

It’s important during these times to ensure the safety of your employee/your team. There is a range of services and organisations that specialise in helping people when it comes to finances. Have this information available and ensure your employees know where to turn to get the help they need.

Useful resources:

  • Moneytalks Offers over-the-phone budgeting support, and can put you in touch with your local service for further face-to-face help from a Financial Mentor.

  • Moneyhub Comprehensive, objective and free information to help you make the best decision

  • Sorted Offers New Zealanders free, impartial information & calculators to help manage money

How to find good financial help for your employees

Once your employees feel safe to ask for help, you can hopefully point them in the right direction. Although you may not be in the position to advise your staff directly, being able to provide options on where to go will make all the difference! Good financial advice should focus on the individual’s goals and current financial situation.

Spring Digital Financial Education Platform

Spring provides digital financial education and a way for employees to easily and safely connect with financial services. Spring is a great resource for employees to use independently but as an employer, Spring is a great tool to work with your employees.

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