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Easy pricing and tailored plans

Plans to suit you and your business. We want Spring to be as accessible as possible because everyone deserves safe and rewarding financial education!

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Platform plans
Spring financial education platform

For individuals


per month

You don’t need to be part of a workplace programme to get the benefits of Spring! Sign up for individual access today to kickstart your financial wellbeing journey.

Access to all learning programmes

Personalised financial learning journey

Mobile learning, study anytime and anywhere on any device

SpringCoin rewards - monthly draws to win vouchers for your favourite stores

Digital badges to recognise your achievements

For businesses


per month

Spring can cater to your company no matter what the size, reach out to the team to discuss your options! The larger your team, the cheaper each license is.

Access to the Spring platform

Access to all learning programmes

Real-time employer insights dashboard

Workshop plans
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